14. Munich Open in Germany is in the books <3

It was such a nice weekend in Phillipsburg getting out of my winter hibernation and shooting the first level III in 6 months.
We were in the ‘afternoon’ squad, so we even had time to relax and sleep in (I NEVER DO THAT!)

My shooting matched my hair color… a “bit” rusty! And shooting with my new match gun wasn’t all that I hoped it to be… she wasn’t ready and made some trouble %¤#&%¤# and I had to change guns! But the 5 mikes, 2 PTs and 2 no-shoots… that was all me!
The second day was better than the first (almost derusted) so I managed to get 2nd place in Standard Lady with 98.. something % and 16th overall 75,48 %
Overall it was a really fun match with some really challenging stages … and best of all was meeting up with the extende IPSC family <3


3rd, 1st (Christine Burkhalter) & 2nd Standard, Lady



Danko got a 3rd place in Standard, so proud of him ♥

13052442_10153460147896957_424777977_o … and the fortune cookie was right 😉