(video above from the third stage in shoot off – my run at 0.44)

Extreme Euro Open 2015 is over.

It was really close in standard lady from 2nd to 4th place. I came in 4th with only .21 up to third place in the overall placing.

This was far from my best match, I made many mistakes and found it difficult to focus in the heat!
The match was really great with some challenging stages, swingers with no-shoots, double swingers, small steel targets ect.

After the match I made my first shoot off which made me a LITTLE NERVOUS, but I survived and came in third and it was actually a great experience.

A big thanks to the people behind the match and ROs for working hard in the heat and making everything run smoothly and thanks to my partners in crime and the dutch guys for making it a great couple of days.

Photo: EEO homepage and Denis Zarubin

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Shoot off ceremony

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