After some time shooting standard, it was time to dust off my stock II and compete against 12 swedish lady production shooters at the Swedish National Championship. There was a booming total of  140 production shooters from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The stages where fun, some rewarded speed others precions, my kind of match. My goal was a zero  mike match, but I ended up with one Mike at stage 9, one I still cannot recall (which annoys me very much), but I left ‘the mike’ at the stage and went mike-free for the rest of the match.
I did not get my minimum of 80% alphas, I ended up with almost 77%, so I have to focus a little more at my next match.

Overall I am very happy with my results. Production lady 100 %  and my second PM. Overall 36th.

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Video by Bengt Bäckström