German Nationals 2015

Another nice weekend in Germany, Philippsburg, with excellent company in Miroslav, Danko and a lot of funny german shooters.

I was not able to defend my first and second place from last year at the German nationals.

I ended up in 4th place in production. I still have to get used to the Sig, a gun that is quite different from the stock II I shot with last year… a work in progress!

In standard it was a close call with little under 3% (24 points) to Christine, and I am almost sure that I lost the gold making a stupid mike on a target 6 meters away (grrrrrrr) and a mag problem that cost me almost 5 seconds! But hey… it is the name of the game…. and I am just proud to almost have beaten one of the best female shooters in the world… I WILL BE BACK!
(…and overall a whooping number 28 of 231 shooters in standard… not bad for a girl )

German Nationals 2015