31 05, 2015

Baltic Storm 2015 – Winner Standard Lady

One of my favorite matches, and this year even better than 2 years ago. 40 stages i 2 half days.
Everything went smoothly, no waiting time at the stages and the tempo was as expected… crazy… shooting 4 stages in an hour with only 5 people on the squad, and shooting 15-20 PM the first day, and 9-14 PM next day.

LOAD – pew pew pew – LOAD – pew pew pew – LOAD – pew pew pew.

We were also lucky with the weather, the sun was out all day and temperatures around 25ºC.

Nothing bad to say about this match other than I have to wait a year before I can go again!

11116439_10206961973350698_3851533563904253921_oNO_BALTIC_medal 11391428_10206975317644297_9147456121071985162_n Baltic-Storm-320150530_142511

24 05, 2015


What a weekend, almost like being on a roller coaster.

Day 1 at the INFINITY OPEN didn’t go after my plan and it was like the whole day was jinxed, at one point I was almost in tears, and since we shot most stages this day I thought every chance of a decent placement was lost!! So imagine my surprise when I got called out for the second place in lady, standard.
I did shoot decent today, but still… what a surprise! I just have to remember it is not over untill the fat lady sings.
Congrats to Hilde Nakling for winning first place


18 05, 2015

Malmø Handgun Championships 2015

This weekend was all about Malmö Handgun Championships.
What a GREAT MATCH heart emoticon
I shot in Standard as the only woman, so no lady category, but I came in 7th overall and best lady shooter in the combined score, so I am very satisfied.
It was a difficult match, many small steel and mini IPSC targets, but also a very high fun factor with very well build stages. The best match this year so far.
I finally got my Alphas up to 84%, 13% C, 2 D and….. huuuuu 6 Mikes! As Isaid… it was a difficult match wink emoticon but that said… half of the mikes were a result of me not following through! I have to do better next time!!

the video shows the stages from best to worst performance (placing from 3rd to 34th out of 52 shooters)

10 05, 2015

Sig Sauer Masters 2015

As usually a really nice match in Güstrow in Germany. We were only two lady shooters so no lady category, but I am very satisfied with my overall placement as number 11 overall and I did my normal 80 % of Danko, that placed second in the match.

The best thing about the match was that I got to shoot a rifle for the first time, but now I have a new problem, I WANT ONE!!