21 09, 2014

Dall IPSC Open 8

One of the last matches of this year. It was a really nice day, the weather was perfect, sunny and a little windy. We had a lot of fun on the squad and it was nice to see a couple of old friends.

Today wasn’t really a match day for me, I went in with a ‘training attitude’ and tried a couple of new things. I tried to do more shoot on the move and took some risk I wouldn’t have done before. Overall I did not do as well as I might could, to many C hits (shooting to fast!!), some slow starts and a couple of brain freezes during the match, but on the other hand I can see some good improvements in my shooting… so it wasn’t all bad 😉

The match from my point of view.

1 09, 2014

Dall IPSC Challenge

Dall IPSC Challenge is over, my last level III this season.
I shot very average most of the time, not my best but neither my worst, but also made some terrible beginner mistakes, like I forgot to take out one round of my magasin before a table start – I have to squeeeeze the magasin in when it is completely full with 21 rounds and for reload and table start I usually start with 20 rounds – result… the magasin fell out, I forgot to follow through and had some mikes on easy targets and sooooooo on!
Some of the bad performance had for sure to do with the weather, rain all day is a really big turn off and I found it difficult to stay motivated when wet and cold, but I still managed to place 9th overall in Standard, so I am very pleased.

10317785_10152632673319840_2729361734855601362_ofoto: Jack Rømer1487938_10152632672324840_8082483416325761025_ofoto: Jack RømerNLJ_3847 NLJ_3876

My Danko took second at the Danish Championship in production – congrats to Jack Rømer for winning the title