21 08, 2014

GRA-Women: Interview

I had the pleasure to give an interview to German Rifle Association
You can read it here

GRA-Women: Interview mit Norah Josephsen, english (also deutsch)


11 08, 2014

Nordic Championship 2014

YES  I did it!!

bg 20140810_184029 NO results-lady-production I won the Nordic Championship in production lady – I am so happy that all my hard work paid off. This was one of the best matches this year, some really cool stage designs, the timing on each stage was perfect and we seldom had to wait for briefing. There was a great variation in the stages, from simple ‘shoot them as you see them’, long shots at 35 meters to weak hand shooting downhill (over 50 shooters zeroed this stage!!) …. This match for sure tested everyone’s shooting skills. 20140809_150806 The danish production shooters did great overall, they took second in the team competition and the best ended up placing 8th, 9th and 10th place.

Results from West Coast Challenge – NORDIC CHAMPIONSHIP 2014


4 08, 2014

Rooster Mountain 2014

RM_2014_4farvet_400px_q60Rooster Mountain 2014 was a really great match, good stages, a fantastic squad and it was especially good to meet up with my teammates from Capsicum Nordic again. My boyfriend Andreas shot well (he came in second after Eduard de Cobos  ) while I had a hard time, not being able to focus, especially the more complex stages gave me some problems and I made a lot of stupid mikes on really easy targets, on the bright sight, I hit every moving target and steel spot on!

Overall I just have to admit that I’ve had too much to do lately with a new job, working 50-60 hours a week, training plus other commitments, so I need to gear down to do better next week at the Nordic Championship in Production in Sweden, which I am really looking forward to.


Photos from the match.

Photos from Bengt Bäckström