14 06, 2015

Göteborg Open 2015

I am so proud of myself!
Under 1 year ago I would completely freeze with the thought of shooting a match with a gun that I had not trained with for a while. But this weekend I came very close to my second PM this year (under 0.5 %) with a completely new gun that is very different from my INFINITY!
If I am this good with my Sig Sauer after shooting it for under a week then BIG things are to come and I am so excited that I am shooting production for the next matches to come.



7 06, 2015

Extreme Euro Open 2015

(video above from the third stage in shoot off – my run at 0.44)

Extreme Euro Open 2015 is over.

It was really close in standard lady from 2nd to 4th place. I came in 4th with only .21 up to third place in the overall placing.

This was far from my best match, I made many mistakes and found it difficult to focus in the heat!
The match was really great with some challenging stages, swingers with no-shoots, double swingers, small steel targets ect.

After the match I made my first shoot off which made me a LITTLE NERVOUS, but I survived and came in third and it was actually a great experience.

A big thanks to the people behind the match and ROs for working hard in the heat and making everything run smoothly and thanks to my partners in crime and the dutch guys for making it a great couple of days.

Photo: EEO homepage and Denis Zarubin

results EEO11293327_10152845643141957_1403807778_o
Shoot off ceremony

11123029_889202087805643_4040312716310699725_o11328118_10152846167231957_1047452889_o 11334291_889200597805792_8380742615890948284_o11402714_889201541139031_6059047697387460889_o 11402905_889201131139072_3911093808495493828_o11412072_889202101138975_6766477932383102080_o 11414702_10152846173821957_1099479150_o11422400_10152846173271957_618998133_o 11428181_10152846171751957_854602458_o11402905_889201131139072_3911093808495493828_o (1)11537392_889202107805641_751580034840442303_o11336843_889202174472301_3357546798717042240_o11334291_889200597805792_8380742615890948284_o (1)

31 05, 2015

Baltic Storm 2015 – Winner Standard Lady

One of my favorite matches, and this year even better than 2 years ago. 40 stages i 2 half days.
Everything went smoothly, no waiting time at the stages and the tempo was as expected… crazy… shooting 4 stages in an hour with only 5 people on the squad, and shooting 15-20 PM the first day, and 9-14 PM next day.

LOAD – pew pew pew – LOAD – pew pew pew – LOAD – pew pew pew.

We were also lucky with the weather, the sun was out all day and temperatures around 25ºC.

Nothing bad to say about this match other than I have to wait a year before I can go again!

11116439_10206961973350698_3851533563904253921_oNO_BALTIC_medal 11391428_10206975317644297_9147456121071985162_n Baltic-Storm-320150530_142511

24 05, 2015


What a weekend, almost like being on a roller coaster.

Day 1 at the INFINITY OPEN didn’t go after my plan and it was like the whole day was jinxed, at one point I was almost in tears, and since we shot most stages this day I thought every chance of a decent placement was lost!! So imagine my surprise when I got called out for the second place in lady, standard.
I did shoot decent today, but still… what a surprise! I just have to remember it is not over untill the fat lady sings.
Congrats to Hilde Nakling for winning first place


18 05, 2015

Malmø Handgun Championships 2015

This weekend was all about Malmö Handgun Championships.
What a GREAT MATCH heart emoticon
I shot in Standard as the only woman, so no lady category, but I came in 7th overall and best lady shooter in the combined score, so I am very satisfied.
It was a difficult match, many small steel and mini IPSC targets, but also a very high fun factor with very well build stages. The best match this year so far.
I finally got my Alphas up to 84%, 13% C, 2 D and….. huuuuu 6 Mikes! As Isaid… it was a difficult match wink emoticon but that said… half of the mikes were a result of me not following through! I have to do better next time!!

the video shows the stages from best to worst performance (placing from 3rd to 34th out of 52 shooters)

10 05, 2015

Sig Sauer Masters 2015

As usually a really nice match in Güstrow in Germany. We were only two lady shooters so no lady category, but I am very satisfied with my overall placement as number 11 overall and I did my normal 80 % of Danko, that placed second in the match.

The best thing about the match was that I got to shoot a rifle for the first time, but now I have a new problem, I WANT ONE!!


28 04, 2015

Münich Open…

11187611_10152739534971957_1328004126_o… was supposed to be a great match, but heyyyy…. it might be next year!

I got my self DQ’et at the second stage day one.

Not a smart choice 😉 but it will happen when you are not focused, and I think I learned my lesson for this season, not smart facing up range and drawing your gun to fast when turning!

It was ONE LONG WEEKEND in Germany waiting for my boyfriend shooting the match. Danko on the other hand did great with af 6th place overall in Standard shooting minor… I wonder when he will “grow” up!

I was a  bit overwhelmed by the support I got on FB during the weekend…. It really meant a lot – thanks so much to everyone 😀

20 04, 2015

Dall IPSC Open 4

SUPER nice local match with 10 stages! What is not to like …
Overall I ended up in 5th place in Standard with 77,23% of my boyfriend (yes – he won again!), a minor improvement from last match. My alpha% is going up and hopefully continue rising to 80-85% during the next couple of matches.

DALL IPSC OPEN 4: A% 78, C%, 19, D% 2, M 1%


15 03, 2015

Dall IPSC Open 3

First match in 5 month, wow, a little rough coming out of hibernation!
I had some jitters during the day (not as bad as last year) which didn’t do the best for my alpha hits and I unfortunately had a problem with the rear back sight getting loose (it needs a new spring) that resultet in both a Mike and my hits not ending up where planned on the last two stages.

Overall I ended up in 6th place in Standard with 76,84% of my boyfriend that took first place, I am usually 15-20% below him and shoots 80-85% Alphas, so it sucks a bit… but hey… I have 19 more matches this year to get on the right track  😉

DALL IPSC OPEN 3: A% 76, C%, 21, D% 2, M 1%









26 10, 2014

Dall IPSC Open 9

The last match of this year and even with perfect weather. I did a total of 77.65% overall in Standard.

I did some photos during the match and that might got me to loose focus a bit or maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood and wanted to relax a bit more than usually… I don’t know, but what I know is that I didn’t shoot as well as I could and that is never a satisfying feeling!

I you want to see all the photos – go to FACEBOOK