18 12, 2016

Pistoler til salg

Da jeg tager en pause fra IPSC det næste år til to og helt sikkert skal prøve noget nyt når jeg returnerer har jeg  valgt at sælge mine 3 SVI’er.

Alle pistoler har fået skiftet extractor til aftec, version 1.3 er med smalt dawson fibersigte, version 1.4 originalt.
Alle pistoler er tunet med sprødt aftræk omkring 600-650 gram
Der medfølger et originalt SVI magasin til pistolen.

.40S&W version 1.3 købt 2015 – ca. 20.000 skud
Pris. 24.000 dKr

.40S&W version 1.4 købt 2016– ca. 8.000 skud (SOLGT)

9 mm (SOLGT)

Er du interesseret så kontakt mig på mail: kontakt@norah.dk 

16 11, 2016

2017-2018 plans

0c23357102cda1942fd4971e22ea5cd3I am not planning for any competitions for the next year or two.

I want to take a break from always feeling like I have to perform and just allow myself to enjoy other aspects of life ♥

23 08, 2016

USPSA Area 5 championship

My first USPSA match is in the books!
The weather wasn’t the best during the morning, rain pouring down and A LOT of lightning! We had to wait 1,5 hour before first shot because of the lightning! At that time it was still raining.
It was a really tough match with some complicated stages. Shooting targets covered in plastic bags and especially hardcover targets with a narrow shooting zone wasn’t my favorite thing to do and it cost a bit.
We also had a 24 rounds “low light” stage that included a drop turner, no-shoots, hardcover and the possibility shooting with a flashlight or just going with a gut feeling. I have never tried shooting in the dark before! It was really ‘bad ass’ and so much fun.
I really wanted to do some headcam videos but my cam drowned during one of the first stages, but you can see a couple of videos at Women of USPSA 

I became 1st lady in limited and 3rd lady in the combined <3 strange to see one’s name beside Mrs. Golob… a big idol of mine! In limited overall I came in as 22nd.

I AM VERY HAPPY  with the results and best of all… I won a gun AND I know what I should improve to kick even more *ss

Photo by Nvus ImagesNathan Vestal

14039956_1832093697024389_7217106928367391533_n 14066400_1832092750357817_4821845884997415802_o 14067801_1832093740357718_8174267392711823021_o 14068619_1832093363691089_6436412985325302168_o 14086294_1832092520357840_194208651532219938_o 14102279_1832093297024429_2775778561062621986_n 14107690_1832093367024422_3499624703557623450_o 14107754_1832092510357841_3222538383878031757_o 14107798_1832093760357716_7435872151861830199_o 14107916_1832093970357695_492088597100594338_o 14114811_1832093767024382_2031426924699805696_o 14115054_1832140443686381_2657323986412661767_o 14117805_1832093280357764_5450354232423607717_n 14124328_1832092517024507_5251328587701224233_o 14125146_1832094000357692_6345326827498613519_o 14124429_10153711824966957_3560707950247455736_o 14107657_10153711825016957_4251077404662535271_o

12 06, 2016

Copenhagen Open & Nordic Championship in Open


2nd. Lene Olaug (NOR) & 3rd. Marianne Hansen (SWE)

Copenhagen Open and Nordic & Danish Championship in Open and production done!
I had a really great time with some of my favorite people in squad. 13 and overall no real expectation at all since I entered in Open with my standard .40 gun.
With no pressure and just enjoying myself, I shot some of my best in a long time, and to my big surprise I ended up being the new Nordic Champion in Open lady!!!

25 04, 2016

14. Munich Open

14. Munich Open in Germany is in the books <3

It was such a nice weekend in Phillipsburg getting out of my winter hibernation and shooting the first level III in 6 months.
We were in the ‘afternoon’ squad, so we even had time to relax and sleep in (I NEVER DO THAT!)

My shooting matched my hair color… a “bit” rusty! And shooting with my new match gun wasn’t all that I hoped it to be… she wasn’t ready and made some trouble %¤#&%¤# and I had to change guns! But the 5 mikes, 2 PTs and 2 no-shoots… that was all me!
The second day was better than the first (almost derusted) so I managed to get 2nd place in Standard Lady with 98.. something % and 16th overall 75,48 %
Overall it was a really fun match with some really challenging stages … and best of all was meeting up with the extende IPSC family <3


3rd, 1st (Christine Burkhalter) & 2nd Standard, Lady



Danko got a 3rd place in Standard, so proud of him ♥

13052442_10153460147896957_424777977_o … and the fortune cookie was right 😉

16 04, 2016


First match in 6 months, waaaayy to long! Let the fun begin… 12 level III and the european coming up.

Todays match was a local level II in Dall and it seems that practice has paid off.
I got 2 stage wins and placed 3rd in Standard with 93.56% , only .50 % from 2nd place. No mikes, few Ds but still a little to many C and A 71%… I have to get my As up!

But still … not bad for 6 months out of the game!


11 10, 2015

SDC Final – København

What a nice end to my shooting season 2015.

I took 1st overall in Standard at the SweDen Cup finals in Copenhagen this weekend, shooting with my new INFINITY .40. which is hard not to LOVE.

Thanks to CPS for hosting this weekend’s matches, you guys made some fun stages and I really enjoyed myself.

… and a BIG THANKS to my sponsor Zero Mike Armory and my LOVE Danko for believing in me and supporting me through the year.

Soooooo looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for me!


10 10, 2015

Danish Nationals Standard 2015

The one and (l)only winner of the danish nationals standard lady!  8th overall 😀
Congrats to my boyfriend Danko taking his first national title!


27 07, 2015

German Nationals 2015

Another nice weekend in Germany, Philippsburg, with excellent company in Miroslav, Danko and a lot of funny german shooters.

I was not able to defend my first and second place from last year at the German nationals.

I ended up in 4th place in production. I still have to get used to the Sig, a gun that is quite different from the stock II I shot with last year… a work in progress!

In standard it was a close call with little under 3% (24 points) to Christine, and I am almost sure that I lost the gold making a stupid mike on a target 6 meters away (grrrrrrr) and a mag problem that cost me almost 5 seconds! But hey… it is the name of the game…. and I am just proud to almost have beaten one of the best female shooters in the world… I WILL BE BACK!
(…and overall a whooping number 28 of 231 shooters in standard… not bad for a girl )

German Nationals 2015

30 06, 2015

West Coast Challenge

After a little over 3 weeks my new Sig Sauer, I got to test her in Sweden again.

I shot production lady and got a second place t West Coast Challenge in Sweden.
I shot really good the first day and had several stage win in my category , but the second day I could not find my pace and lost a lot of points shooting and moving to slowly.
I am still really happy about my new Sig Sauer which worked perfectly! Now I just have to get my head in the game ALL THE TIME!!!!
4 weeks to get it straight before German nationals in production.


My team mates did really well. Danko and Magnus won their division, standard and production, so a really good weekend for team Zero Mike Armory.